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The Affordable Care Act: Be Prepared

“Be prepared,” advise the Boy Scouts. “Be prepared,” warns Mufasa’s nefarious brother, Scar. “Y’all ready for this?” asks the dance group 2 Unlimited. I come to you today bearing similar sentiments, and while they aren’t accompanied by the cachet of a century of merit badge-earning good deedery, delightful animation, or an infectious musical groove, I … Continue reading

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Crotchety Old Man Rant About Smart Phones By a Young-ish Man

In many ways, I hate smart phones. They’re time suckers. They offer constant temptation for distraction. They’re largely used in the name of staying socially connected, but they too often lead their users to mentally check out of social situations that are happening right in front of their faces (well, behind the phones that are … Continue reading