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Depth of a Salesman

Today is Benbrook Heritage Fest Eve, which is sadly not a national holiday, or even a local holiday. So, while the city won’t be partying down with its bad self today, come Saturday, we’ll reach full-fledged hootenanny status. For you outsiders, Heritage Fest is Benbrook’s annual “family friendly, fun-filled” day featuring food, music, games, activities, … Continue reading

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Think (Or Read…Or Snack…Or Lounge) Outside the Library

The inside of the library is great. The smell of books new and old. The peace and quiet.* The technological doodads cranking out amazingness. Yes, everybody knows the inside of the library is the cat’s pajamas (or, if you’re more canine inclined, the dog’s nightgown). But what about the outside of the library? Yes, there’s … Continue reading

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Two Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Seconds

Beginning Monday, October 6, the library will experiment with a little hour embiggening. Through November 13, we’ll be open 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday hours remaining unchanged. That’s three extra hours of library time for the people each day. Depending on public response, at the end of the … Continue reading