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Enjoy Some Summer Sweetness With Summer Reading Scramble

It’s lemonade season. I don’t mean the sweet, sweet beverage, though it is time for that. I don’t mean the acclaimed Beyonce album, though it’s always time for that. In this particular context, our version of lemonade-ing is taking the bitter loss of our usual funtime activites and concocting a new form of summery sweetness. … Continue reading

Benbrook Library / Library programs

Save Your Summer for Yourself With Save the Readingverse

  Most would have you believe that summer belongs to the young. With no school to pin them down, children are free to roam the Earth uninhibited and have their pool-splashing, sno cone-eating, and, most importantly, library-visiting needs catered to by their subservient parental escorts. We at the library are of course happy to oblige … Continue reading

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The Library Makes a Move for Chess

There’s something about a chess board that really classes up a joint. Maybe it’s the elegant black and white color scheme. Maybe it’s the fact that it is commonly regarded as an intelligent person’s game (people who get out-strategized at something are often said to have been playing checkers while they’re opponents played chess). Whatever … Continue reading