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Avoiding Spoilers on an Internet That is Dark and Full of Them

As much as we love the Internet for its bountiful supply of useful information, soothing animal content, and general time-wasting enabling, lately, especially for fans of Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe who are tardy to their respective new content parties, it’s been a cruel, dangerous heckscape. Every time you fire up a … Continue reading

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Online Conference Room Booking Now Available

As you hopefully already knew, library conference rooms are freely available to you for your small meeting, private studying, and/or quiet place sitting needs. If you didn’t know, now ya do, and you’re about to know something else (you’re so lucky): you can now make conference room reservations online, from the comfort (or discomfort, whatever … Continue reading

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Move Over, Dr. Seuss: Author Birthday Party Ideas

Yesterday, we held our annual birthday celebration for Dr. Seuss. With whimsical, Seussified décor, crafts, games, and snacks (including the best cookies this side of Whoville), plus a walkin’, talkin’ Cat in the Hat portrayed by yours truly, it’s always a flimfabulously fun, Seussical celebration. It got me thinking, though, about how libraries tend to … Continue reading