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This Year’s Tax Deadline Delayed (But Still Inevitable)

Procrastinators, rejoice: this year, because April 15 falls on a Saturday, and the observance of Emancipation Day falls on Monday the 17th, the deadline for filing your taxes isn’t until Tuesday, April 18. That means you get a luxurious three extra days to put this whole silly tax business out of your mind before you’re … Continue reading

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The Case of the Curiously Not-So-Book-y Oscars

Oscar Sunday is about celebrating movies deemed to have reached, or at least approached, the pinnacle of filmmaking excellence. As we’ve discussed before in this space, many movies make it to such lofty heights by riding the coattails of topnotch books, which provide source material screenwriters love to poach steal adapt. Lit-to-film adaptations are usually … Continue reading