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Enjoy Some Summer Sweetness With Summer Reading Scramble

It’s lemonade season. I don’t mean the sweet, sweet beverage, though it is time for that. I don’t mean the acclaimed Beyonce album, though it’s always time for that. In this particular context, our version of lemonade-ing is taking the bitter loss of our usual funtime activites and concocting a new form of summery sweetness. … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe Your Eyes With Blind Date With a Book

Your eyes can get you in trouble. They tell you that the sweeeet-looking-yet-health-hampering cheesecake is worth eating. That the garbage movie with the cool trailer is worth seeing. That the really, really, ridiculously good looking hunk with whom you have nothing in common is worth dating. And, in the case of books, your eyes can … Continue reading

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Get You a Librarian Who Can Do it All

This past week, the silly citizens of the Internet have been amusing themselves sharing and creating content for the Dolly Parton Challenge, which involves aggregating photos of the challengee that represent the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder-appropriate versions of themselves. The library is nothing if not hip and with it, so I accepted the challenge … Continue reading

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The Advennt of Streaming Bliss: Disney Plus and HBO Now Come to BPL Rokus

Rejoice, streamers, bingers, and TV lovers of all ages: Disney Plus and HBO Now are now included on BPL’s Roku Streaming Sticks. If having access to almost 600 hit movies through Vudu and the smorgasbord of content that is Netflix didn’t quite do it for you, checking out one of our Rokus now also enables … Continue reading