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A Coveted Combo: Get a Chromebook and a Hotspot Bundled Together at the Library

A very astute man once pointed out that “2 in 1” is a…ahem…bogus term, as 1 cannot hold 2; that’s why 2 was created. It’s hard to argue with that impeccable logic, but at BPL, we’ve been in the lab, feverishly attempting to concoct a way to overcome the reasonable-yet-constricting laws of oneness. After multiple … Continue reading

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¡Que Magnifico! Take Spanish Conversation Classes at the Library

Like many Texans, I took Spanish in high school and college. And, like most of those people, I’ve forgotten grande1 chunks of what I learned. I’ve still got a decent handle on the words for various school supplies, but unless I aim to be the world’s most boring/oddly niche Spanish conversationalist, mochila2 and boligrafo3 talk … Continue reading

Benbrook Library / Library services

If You Wanna Go Fast (Online), Come to the Library

Aside from playing stupid, time-wasting Flash games, my most vivid early memories of the Internet involve a lot of waiting. Waiting for the static-y, digital donkey-sounding tones of dial-up to finish serenading me so I would finally be connected to AOL. Waiting half a day for a bootleg live blink-182 album to download on Napster. Waiting … Continue reading