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Fun Size Halloween Book Reviews 2019

  This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…Book Reviews 2019, Fun Size:   The Institute by Stephen King Forty-six years after Carrie was published, Stephen King is still churning out best sellers like the type of possessed churning machine he might write about, except he wouldn’t, because he has a seemingly endless … Continue reading

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A Coveted Combo: Get a Chromebook and a Hotspot Bundled Together at the Library

A very astute man once pointed out that “2 in 1” is a…ahem…bogus term, as 1 cannot hold 2; that’s why 2 was created. It’s hard to argue with that impeccable logic, but at BPL, we’ve been in the lab, feverishly attempting to concoct a way to overcome the reasonable-yet-constricting laws of oneness. After multiple … Continue reading

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¡Que Magnifico! Take Spanish Conversation Classes at the Library

Like many Texans, I took Spanish in high school and college. And, like most of those people, I’ve forgotten grande1 chunks of what I learned. I’ve still got a decent handle on the words for various school supplies, but unless I aim to be the world’s most boring/oddly niche Spanish conversationalist, mochila2 and boligrafo3 talk … Continue reading