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A Mysterious Survey of Mystery

If somebody requests that you to do something “no questions asked,” you should rightfully be a little wary. “What’s the deal with that?” you might say, and will already have failed, because that’s a question, Askin’ Kutcher. It can be a suspicious, curiosity-nagging arrangement, but we sometimes agree to such mystery-shrouded terms for those we … Continue reading

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The Dating Game, Book Style

*Extremely ’70s game show music plays* Hello, and welcome to “Undercover Lover,” the only dating show that helps avid readers find a match with eligible book bachelors and bachelorettes. I’m your host, Skip Winkendale. Let’s meet our contestant, Ivana Goodolebook. IG: Hi, Skip. SW: Ivana, we’ve got three wrapped mystery books vying for your attention. … Continue reading