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Perfect (Book)Endings


Whenever I look around a store or the Internet (the ultimate store), I’m consistently baffled by the sheer amount of stuff that can easily be had with the swipe of a credit card or the click of a mouse. If you can imagine it, it probably exists somewhere and can be on its way to you lickety split as long as you’re willing to fork over the requisite cash (or bitcoin, for those savvy enough to know how the heck that works). Having such easy access to a seemingly endless buffet of purchasables is mostly great, but for me, it’s also incredibly daunting. This is especially true when it comes to decorative items. For those who know me, the idea of me making any serious efforts at decorating is laughable, but even if I wanted to try to get my Berkus on, I wouldn’t be able to; I’d be paralyzed by the plethora of options. How can I make a decision when there are a zillion makes, models, styles, and types of everything?


The bright side of this rampant choicery is that no matter what it is you’re seeking, there are likely at least several truly awesome options available that are just your style. While I may have no idea which throw pillows or lampshades are right for me, I have a better sense of what floats my boat in the bookish realm.* Recently, while searching for useable images of bookshelves I could shamelessly “borrow” and Photoshop beyond all recognition, I came across some highly creative (and nerdy) bookends. While I would have trouble choosing just one or two of these for my home, it’s a choice with which I would enjoy struggling. Behold:



My books would be incredibly safe and secure sandwiched between AT-AT halves, unless, of course, a pesky Snowspeeder flew in and unleashed its tow cables.


star_wars_trash_compactor_bookendsWhat an ingenious use of the trash compactor scene.

HanGreedoI don’t know how their blasters will make it through the books or DVDs, but one thing is certain: Han will shoot first.




What’s this? What’s this? Jack Skellington’s helping hold your books? He’s been such a helpful fellow since he discovered the meaning of Christmas.


Portal-BookendsI’ve never played Portal, the game that inspired these bookends, but this is a clever concept.



For big, muscly-armed superheroes, they seem to be straining awfully hard to hold up those little books.



These obviously aren’t bookends, but I find this Batshelf incredibly cool and had to share.


Katana-BookendsI would totally read Pride and Predjujitsu.


hp-bookend-1I know they know magic and all and likely don’t need my help, but I like the idea of Harry and friends having the added barrier of my books between their pursuers and the Room of Requirement.



*The Bookish Realm: straight from the “Rejected Titles for This Blog” file.



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